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How to Commission a Painting

Please see the easy guide below that answers the most Frequently Asked
Questions (FAQs) about commissioning a unique, original fine art oil painting.


Step 1: Choose a Size & Price

I can paint your animal portrait in any size, and deciding on what size to choose usually depends on how many animals are in the same portrait, the complexity and composition , and your budget (bigger portraits or ones with multiple animals will have a higher price).

I will provide an exact quote based on the final complexity and specification, but a rough guide to pricing for one animal painted in oil is as follows (with 'Bertie' as an example of a painting on stretched canvas with a painted background, and 'Nell' as an example of a painting on natural linen which forms the background):



20x30cm - £300

30x40cm - £400

40x50cm - £500


Realistic oil painting of a dog

20x30cm - £250

30x40cm - £350

40x50cm - £450

  • each extra animal in the portrait will be an extra £50

  • the painting will be unframed

  • postage is extra (at standard Parcelforce Track & Signed rates for weight/size of painting)

  • A 20% deposit is required on booking

Canvases come in many sizes (and shapes) so you are not restricted to the sizes above, these are just a guide.

Step 2: Contact Me

Once you have decided on the type of portrait you would like please contact me with your requirements at Or if you need to discuss any aspects whilst you are choosing, please call me on +44 (0) 7739 571 886.

Step 3: Choose a Reference Photo 

I paint from a reference photo. Ideally I prefer to spend time with the animals I paint and take my own set of photographs in order to identify and capture personality traits that are unique to every animal, but if I am unable to meet the animal in person I can paint a portrait based on supplied photos.

When you contact me we can discuss the photo however below is a rough guide to taking or choosing a good animal photograph:

  • personality - is the animal doing something that makes you smile because it captures their personality well. This could be a certain look, behaviour or activity

  • detail - is there enough detail in focus of important parts such as the eyes or fur. A good question to ask is 'can I see which way they are looking' or 'can I see which way the fur flows'. Detail is very important as my work provides a very high level of realism in oil.

  • lighting - is the photo light enough to see all important areas and are there any interfering shadows

  • colour - does the photo accurately show the true colour of the eyes and fur

  • distance and size - is the animal too far away to be big enough (or too close so that it is out of perspective)

Sometimes there are unavoidable challenges which in most cases can be overcome, so please contact me to discuss. Examples are:

  • animals that have passed away. Often a good reference photo for a painting can be 'engineered' from several good photos, so please send them all to me to discuss.

  • multiple animals in one painting. Often it is impossible to get more than one animal to pose in the right way for a 'family photo'. Again a good reference photo for a painting can be 'engineered' from several good photos of the individual animals, so please send them all to me to discuss.

  • unwanted backgrounds. It is often possible to change the background or use a technique that removes an unwanted background. 

Step 4: Painting

Once we are both happy with the reference photo, size and specification, we will discuss timescales and I will start the painting as soon as my schedule allows. It is important to let me know any specific dates you would like the portrait for such as Christmas, a birthday or anniversary. 


Each portrait is different and my work is always the best I can do, so it is difficult to provide an exact time for how long it takes. However a rough guide is that a standard 30x40cm painting takes 4-6 weeks. You are welcome to contact me to arrange a visit to my studio to see the progress or I can - and often do - send photos of the portrait progressing.


Step 5: Delivery

The oil painting will be provided unframed on a canvas board varnished and ready for framing. You can pick it up from my studio in Medstead, Hampshire or I can post it to you for an extra charge using Parcelforce Track and Signed service. It will be carefully wrapped for full protection. 

Step 6: Testimonial

All of my customers to date have been delighted with my paintings and many have provided very kind comments. If you are also happy with your original portrait in oil, I would be very grateful if you could allow me to publish any comments you have.

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